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SCA Women's Club Luncheon Schedule

The primary purpose of our luncheons is to offer an enjoyable, meaningful, and fun event for our members and to raise funds for charity. We offer camaraderie, information and entertainment. We hope our programs and charitable work will entice you and your friends to join us each month.

Luncheons are generally $30.00 for members and $40.00 for guests. Our lunches are by reservation only. Please make checks payable to SCAWC, and deposit them in the Women’s Club check slot located in the Fitness Center at Anthem Center. All checks must be received by 5 p.m. on Tuesday nine (9) days prior to the luncheon. Groups wishing to sit together must submit their checks in one envelope (include the names of those sitting together). All vegetarian choice requests should be made to Karen Mandley at or 702-433-4607. Any other questions about reservations should be made to Sherry Eischen at or 206-972-8995.

At check-in at the luncheon, each participant will receive a lunch ticket with their table assignment clearly stated. Greeters are available if you need assistance finding your table.

Our luncheons offer excellent raffles donated by local merchants to support the charity we are sponsoring that current month. For more information about Raffles, please see the Raffles tab. To see the list of the charities we have sponsored – click on Charities.

Important Message

Please, read the Special Announcement concerning cancellations and rescheduling of events on our homepage.

Luncheon Schedule 2020

All luncheons are held in the Grand Ballroom in the Anthem Center, unless otherwise noted. For details on an upcoming luncheon, check the latest Chatter on the Newsletter page.

Date Program
Thursday, January 9 Luncheon in Anthem Center Grand Ballroom
Thursday, February 13 Luncheon in Anthem Center Grand Ballroom
Thursday, March 12 Luncheon in Anthem Center Grand Ballroom
June, July and August SCAWC on Summer Hiatus
Thursday, September 10 Luncheon in Anthem Center Grand Ballroom
Friday, October 30 Gala Luncheon, M Resort and Casino Ballroom
Thursday, November 12 Member Appreciation Luncheon and Annual Business Meeting
in Anthem Center Grand Ballroom
Thursday, December 10 Holiday Luncheon in Anthem Center Grand Ballroom



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